The Scholarship Plan provides proof that your group has carefully planned out the scholarship support that you will be providing once the refugee enters the 15-month Self-sufficiency and Leadership program.

It informs RAN who will be taking on which tasks associated with supporting the scholarship of the sponsored individual(s). You need to be clear and precise in your responses.

Section A 
Type the name of the Principal Refugee Applicant as it was provided in IMM 5373 section E. Type your group a name and main contact person information as it was given in IMM 5373 sections A and D.

Section B 
Inform RAN where in-kind donations are available (e.g. used furniture, donated clothing) – this will reduce the total funds required to sponsor the refugee. For each item line, indicate (by checking the box) whether it will be provided in-kind or in monetary form to the refugee once they arrive in Utah County. Note that the funds/donations are indicated in annual figures in this section. In order to subtract the dollar value of available in-kind donations from the cost of sponsorship, use the dollar figures provided on the In-Kind Deduction Table that correspond to the appropriate settlement need (shelter, clothing, etc.) and the size of the refugee family. Add up the total amount of monetary funds and in-kind donations for the start-up costs. Add the total in-kind donations for the start-up costs to the in-kind donations of on-going expenditures and type the final amount in the ‘total in-kind deduction’ box. Do the same for the monetary funds and type the final total amount in the ‘total monetary support’ box.

Section C 
Make sure that you pay special attention to the scholarship plan details. Ensure to provide detailed information regarding all of the areas requested. Who (name the group member) will provide what type of support and when (state the actual availability of that person). Your application will be assessed based on the support you can provide.

Section D 
Taking the Scholarship Cost Table and the In-Kind Deduction Table into consideration, indicate how much money each group members is committing to providing during the sponsorship period. List any funds that are coming from sources other than each group member’s personal income on the first line. Remember to submit supporting documentation that proves the existence of these funds.

Section E
Make sure the group representative signs and dates the form. Only original signatures will be accepted.

As a group discuss the settlement tasks that you are responsible for. Consider each member`s strengths and research which settlement service provider can help you address the scholarship needs that you will not be able to address yourselves.