For a scholarship under a Group Network, the refugee applicant must also be recognized as a refugee by either the state or the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee (UNHCR). A photocopied document showing valid proof of recognition as a refugee by the UNHCR or a foreign state will need to be included in the application.


When considering an individual for refugee scholarship, ask yourself:

  • Do they meet the definition of the Convention Refugee Abroad Class or the Country of Asylum Class?
  • Have they undergone a refugee determination status proceeding or have they been accepted as a refugee on a prima facie basis?
  • Have they received refugee status recognition by the UNHCR or the state?
  • Can they return to their own country in safety and dignity?
  • What is their situation in the current country of asylum? Why can they not live where they currently are?
  • Is resettlement to Canada their only possible durable solution?


If the answer to the questions above is ‘yes’, then the refugee applicant is eligible for scholarship to the 15-month self-sufficiency and leadership program.